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Welcome to my site!

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Check out The Slayer sequel here!

The Slayer:Bloodlines is the sequel to The Slayer:Hell Awakens and is in pre-release now in chapter-by-chapter on Kindle vella HERE

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My name is Meg. I'm a novelist residing in small-town Ohio. I recently signed on with Static Pen Publishing for my paranormal fantasy novel, The Slayer: Hell Awakens. The Slayer Series offers many unique fantasy elements while still keeping a lot of the beloved pieces of folklore we all love! I have many other books in progress, including a historical romance to be released very soon. I also have a young adult romance and a historical romance available on Kindle Vella. So, follow my social media pages below to learn more about my works in progress! 

Follow along for publishing progress, author events, and giveaways! 

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