Fun Facts

about me...

1. I write the ending of my stories first.

2. My love for writing spurred from a condition I have called hypergraphia. It's a pretty rare condition that gives someone the compulsion to write. For me, it just gave me the compulsion to dream up and write about worlds other than the one I live in!

3. I have temporal lobe epilepsy that developed from a childhood brain tumor and had my right temporal lobe partially removed. I also have a VNS. (It is the TLE that caused the hypergraphia!) My kids call me Dory because of this because I have short-term memory loss! LOL!

4. I have a couple of tattoos, including one on my right shoulder of a baby elephant with a purple ribbon to represent my struggle with epilepsy.

5. In order to envision my characters while writing my books, I Google search the features that I want that character to have, and then I pick out a random picture on the internet and save it to my computer and use it as a "muse".  (Recently I took this to a new level and snapped pictures of a guy at a wedding that I thought fit the description of the character inside my head!)

6. My favorite drink is Diet Coke. (next to lattes of course!)

7. My favorite restaurant is the Chick Fil A.

8. I always carry a small notebook in my purse in case I get an idea for a new book or a book I am currently working on. I never want to forget great ideas! In fact, the notebook says, "Great Ideas." 

9. I have a vintage and antique book collection dating all the way back to 1820!

10. I know some ASL (American Sign Language). I learned because I signed up for a course through Groupon and my daughter and I wanted to be able to say secret messages to each other about her dad and brothers. Completely legitimate reason. 

11. I grew up in a very small town in Ohio.  This is where I met my husband! We are high school sweethearts and have been together for 19 years.

12. I am a sucker for sushi. But I'm allergic to shellfish, so I stick to salmon.

14. I hardly ever read!(except the classics) I mostly ever just write! ( This is a HUGE no-no for writers, but I don't care what others think of me!)

15. Jane Austen is my hero :) There are fans. There are mega fans. Then there are people like me. I like to consider myself a faithful and dedicated student of the greatest writer to ever live. (Yes. She's better than J.K Rowling! *Gasp* I've never read Harry Potter!) 

16. I rarely watch TV. If I watch TV, I like detective or historical shows on the rare occasions I watch Netflix ( Jane Austen... Sherlock or Monk), but not documentaries (Snooze fest ZZzzzzZ). I NEVER watch cable. I don't even know how to work that remote! I only use my iPad or Smart Tv.

17. I love almond milk lattes, decaf, no flavor.(sometimes hazelnut) I'm a simple girl.  

18. My first job was a cart gatherer at the Kroger grocery store.

19.  My life's ambition is to travel the world and visit all the Jane Austen memorial sites. 

20. I love classical music. ( the cello the most)

21. My arch nemesis is sock matching. I have a basket of socks in my house that never get mated. In fact, my kids are quite accustomed to "cousins" and my mother does the sock matching when she comes to visit. I would rather clean toilets than find mates to socks. (NO one even sees your socks!)

22. I'm a chocoholic. My faves are Reese's pieces, Godiva truffles, or Bark thins dark chocolate.

23. I play the piano but not well.

24. I love shopping at Marshalls. I could spend every day browsing the aisles looking for a bargain! :)

25. I have lived in 10 states. 

30. The best time for me to write is very late at night, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning.

31. I often take very long walks. I can be found walking 6-7 miles at a time. It helps me refocus my mind and think! I put my iTunes on and get lost in a world with my characters. 

32. I like to explore old cemeteries for whatever inspiration I can find! It's how I got the last name Barclay!

33. I am ALWAYS cold. I wear sweatshirts in the middle of summer!

In fact, have goosebumps as I'm typing this while wearing fingerless gloves! (It's important to note that my gloves are printed with quotes from Pride and Prejudice) 

35. Lastly, but most certainly not least, I live and meditate on Deuteronomy 31:8, Isaiah 41:10, and Exodus 14:14. God is good.

 © Meg Sechrest 2020

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