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For Melanie, moving to the south was the last thing she wanted to do, but her sweet smile and pretty face caught the attention of her best friend's brother. Now, she has to navigate graduating, love, and growing up too fast, as her new lover decides if he's even ready for a relationship at all. A story of romance, friendship, and tragedy. 

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This is the sequel novel to THE SLAYER and is still in progress.

When Abbi learns that there is more to her Slayer line than she knew, she is determined to find out all she can even if it means the cost of her life. When she is faced with the hardest obstacle she has ever encountered, she must find the strength and the courage to do what is right, which is sometimes the hardest decision of them all.

 Release date TBD. (Hopefully sometime this year!)


Other Novels

These are my novels in progress. Sample my novels that are yet to be published here and see what is going on inside my head! Be sure to drop me an email and let me know which book is your favorite!

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The Slayer

In Grundy Hill, a small, sleepy town where everyone knows one another, something like a warlock, his life-stealing daughter, and a mind-controlling vampire could cause the town complete disarray, especially when the warlock and his daughter are the cause of the entire underworld being unleashed upon Grundy Hill and now the psychokinetic vampire and his extremely powerful and mysterious family holds the key to her future. Be ready for a wild ride of fantasy action. 


A Way Home

Two lives brought together by the misfortune of her parents, Hadley Crashaw and Michael Radcliff are two stubborn individuals who are both in desperate need of love. This novella is centered around the romance of a smart and career-focused doctor and a mysterious Colorado country man and tells of their romance over Hadley's holiday break. Break out your tissues...


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