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This novel follows the story of a young princess who becomes Queen at only 18 following a tragic accident. Now she must navigate being a monarch, marriage to someone she barely knows, and plots against her life.

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I Hate Nothing About You

A year ago, Haley left her cheating boyfriend and moved in with her best friend. Now she's living in Jersey and has moved on until she receives a text from him... can people change?

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The Stubborn Girl's Guide to Love

Adam and Emma have been best friends since they were kids. But when they start to realize they have feelings for each other that are more than platonic, everything becomes complicated. 

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In the throes of WWII, Georgia  navigates love, loss, and betrayal. When her first love gets shipped off to the war, she goes to help the war effort. 

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My Last Breath

In this tear-jerking romantic story, a young couple experiences love and loss in the heart of modern-day military romance. 


A Way 


Medical fellow Hadley Crashaw, thought she was going home to help her older parents for the holidays. But little did she know she was going home to so much more.

After this Christmas, her life would never be the same.

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