Novels in Progress

The Legends of Alexander (1).png

The Legends of Alexander

Set 5000 years ago, a young prince in the kingdom of Hoagan is chosen for a task more than he ever imagined possible when a wizard predicts a future no one in the kingdom can escape. Now, he must seek the help of the people of the woman he abandoned to save the country he left her for. 

The Throne

She was born into royalty, but becoming Queen is never something she thought she'd face. Now, at 19 years old, Gwendolyn lets go of her life as the niece of the King and embraces life as the new young Queen and everything that role entails... including love, heartbreak, and plots against her life. 

The Unsimple Life of Harvey Tillman.png

The Unsimple Life of Harvey Tillman

Harvey is a man who thrives on routine and has lived his whole adult life repeating every day in the same fashion until his 37th year when his routine is interrupted and it's not only himself who notices. 

Through the Lavender Fields.png

Through the Lavender Fields

While grieving her father's death, the young heiress of a shipping entrepreneur's fortune in 1815 is forced to leave the home she grew up in and live with her mother's sister. The life she finds when she arrives is not what she'd hoped it would be; however, when she walks through the lavender fields, her whole life will change forever. 



Death is easy for Madeline Lowell. It's living that was the hard part. When her whole life has been a struggle to survive, appreciating the one person who makes it easier, the one person who makes it worth living is what keeps her going. Strength she doesn't have; love she does.