• Meg Sechrest

Breath Escapes Me - Preview

The Sequel to The Last Breath.


Melanie walked the long drive firmly gripping Jamie’s hand, not ready to let him go. But as the bus approached, her tears began to drip as she watched him board with enthusiasm and take his first steps into a life of independence without her.

“Bye, Jamie!” she hollered and waved, running after him as the bus drove off and he waved through the window where he sat with another student. “I love you,” she whispered once the bus was out of sight.” Then she sat on the cornerstone of the driveway thinking about these first seven years of his life, knowing that time couldn’t be reversed.

For no reason in particular, she found herself walking to a place she hadn’t visited in quite some time on her own—three years to be exact—and she stared at the tombstone etched “Lieutenant James Tyler Hunter 1990-2018 Husband Father Son Brother Uncle” wondering why she had walked across town.

“James,” she said, kneeling down in the grass, touching the marker, “It’s been three years since I’ve visited you alone— though Jamie asks to come often— and it’s so hard to even be here now. Honestly, I’m not even sure why I came. For years, I cried myself to sleep and prayed everything was a dream and I hopelessly put all my faith in something that would never come into fruition, wishing that I would wake up, but I never did. It’s reality and I’m angry and sad. I was heartbroken, but Jamie stitched me up, and I thought I was doing okay now. He left for school today. Now, little by little he is leaving me too. I suppose that’s why I’m here. My heart is breaking again.”

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