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Updated: May 21, 2019

Every writer has a story. Mine began with not even realizing I wanted to be a #writer at first (I'll post on that another time), and then a long road of querying, tears, redrafting, more tears, revising some more, and then finally understanding that I might never be a "published" writer. But then I stopped doing everything that everyone told me I had to do. I started doing the things I wanted to do. I kept writing; I searched for avenues of publishing where writers had a bit more freedom and control but also more creative flexibility; I also kept the realization that maybe my book wasn't good enough yet, so I edited some more.

Months later, I began getting requests for the full manuscript and I felt like things were looking up. However, with those full manuscript requests also came rejection letters. I was nearly ready to give up until one day I was on Twitter and I was liked by a publisher. Something inside me said, "submit".

But there was a little part of me that said, "You can't handle any more rejections," and I almost didn't send the query.

But I'm so glad I did because Static Pen accepted my novel and my long road of rejection letters, #queries, is done. For now, at least.


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