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To Everything There is a Season...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

As the cooler weather starts rolling in, I pull out my pants and sweatshirts and longingly wave goodbye to the sunny days of summer that brought me plentiful sweet tea on the front porch, cookouts on the grill, fresh veggies from the garden, relaxing by the pool while soaking up the sun, and lazy days on the hammock. Now, as I say adieu to the warmth and sunshine, I wrap myself up in a sweater and embrace the cooler temperatures of fall. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good parts about fall too. I love the crisp apples, pumpkin spiced everything, and the caramel apple goodies. I also love the way the cool breeze blows through my house as I sit and write and I can hear the way the leaves rustle through the trees in the yard (as long as the trains passing by aren't too loud...), and if I had to pick my absolute favorite part about fall, I would say it's... are you ready for it?

Definitely not pumpkins!

The vampires, obviously! I love Halloween!

However, I think what I also appreciate is it reminds me that there is something we can always look forward to and that nothing actually stays the same forever. Sometimes I need reminded of this, especially when I'm feeling low and don't want to imagine being stuck in the same place for too long. I'm the kind of girl who needs to keep moving forward, who has big dreams and big wishes for the future, and I believe this upcoming season reminds me of moving forward and starting fresh as the old dies away, making a place for the new to come.

What I don't love about fall is the cold, the rain, and the way I know that worse days are coming... winter.

I don't hate fall, but I don't have the enthusiasm many others have for it. I'm not actually one to get excited about many things in life other than Jane Austen's books, or well, books in general, or even vampires. (*hint* I love vampires. Well, all vampires except Twilight. They're not real vampires. Let's not get started on that...) Nevertheless, one thing I can appreciate is moving forward in life. Stagnancy is something that (if it were physically possible) actually gets on my nerves. (I hate that expression, but for lack of a better one at this moment, I'm using it...). I love the phrase, "To everything there is a season," because it is so fitting for the way I feel about life. Staying in one place physically is not something I have done (I've lived in 10 states and 13 cities), so why should I when it comes to other things I do? I started out writing just for a hobby because my mind forced me to do it as a young teen who had a brain tumor. As time evolved, I became a mother and it kept me sane with a husband who snored too loudly. (Kevin, if you read this, you still snore too loud, but I love you in spite of it.) For a while, I was writing to entertain anyone who would read them for free on the internet and realized my writing was pretty good. Now, I'm trying to become a great writer. To everything there is a season. When I die, will I be Meg Sechrest, Wife, Mother, Writer who tried...? Or will I be, Meg Sechrest, Wife, Mother, Writer...?

I guess that will be up to the seasons.

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