Into The Night...

And So…

I lie in bed listening to the thunderstorm. The rain droplets pounding off the side of the house and gliding down the gutters. Drip, drip, dripping down, making me think of the tears that fill my eyes and fall down my face, filling the crevice of my nose, dripping off my lips, sliding down my chin, and pounding onto my chest as they make their final descent. 

The rolling of the thunder echoes through the sky, like a god of torment as my heart beats heavily in my chest, relentlessly, irrepressibly, not letting my thoughts go. With each BOOM I tremble, and a midnight anger covers sky. The dark night sky takes me as its prisoner with its midnight burdens holding me captive. The only glimmer of hope I see is the painted shadow of my pen on the wall as the beaming glow from my lamp reflects the image as I write. The author’s pen brings words, but those words bring hope and comfort. Into the night it shall go… never lost.

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Sad Eyes

I once met a man who didn't know himself,

His actions were unkind.

The loss inside himself was love,

yet he continued his search for more.

He was begging and pleading for deeper connection;

His soul cried out,

But his heart stayed buried, deep,

where no on could find it.

Until a savior came, a rescuer,

to redeem him from his torment.

But he kicked and fought against the redemption.

He stayed wrapped in his torment,

comfortable a little while longer,

without a smile to grace his face,

looking at his objectifiers with sad eyes.

© Meg Sechrest 2018

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