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The Slayer Series

The Slayer by Meg Sechrest
The Slayer: Hell Awakens by Meg Sechrest

Book One of the Slayer Series: Available Now!

The Slayer: Hell Awakens

Born and raised in the small town of Grundy Hill, West Virginia, Abigail Taylor knew that her life was anything but normal.  On her 21st birthday, Abbi awakens a dark and lethal force more powerful than any witch or warlock has ever seen. With every touch, she drains life from others and inadvertently opens the gates of Hell. With vampires and demons unleashed upon the world, Abbi crosses paths with a 231-year-old vampire playboy named Thomas Barclay. 

Barclay and his family holds the keys to Abigail's destiny as the Slayer, the only one who can send the demons and vampires back to Hell. As Tom and Abigail begin to fall in love, nefarious vampires and Satan himself conspire to keep them apart and away from their fate.  


Book Two of the Slayer Series - AVAILABLE NOW

The Slayer: Bloodlines

The Slayer: Bloodlines by Meg Sechrest

This is the sequel novel to THE SLAYER and will be available for paperback and digital purchase August 1,2023.

When Abbi learns that there is more to her Slayer line than she knew, she is determined to find out all she can even if it means the cost of her life. When she is faced with the hardest obstacle she has ever encountered, she must find the strength and the courage to do what is right, which is sometimes the hardest decision of them all.

Available on Kindle Vella HERE

Order Kindle and paperback HERE
Book Three of the Slayer Series - Coming Soon

The Slayer



Check back later for more information on this project and projected release date.

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