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A Book is a Dream Your Heart Makes...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Ever since I was a young girl, I've been dreaming up stories and writing them down, but never did I imagine (even in my wildest dreams) that someday I would be making these stories into books that others would be reading.

Recently, someone asked me the purpose of my stories. Are they to bring happiness, hope, thrills, scares...? I didn't answer right away because I truly wanted to give the best and most accurate answer, and I think that each one of my stories has its own answer with a unique purpose. However, after further reflection, I began to search my own heart and realized that I could answer this with one simple question: Why do I write?

After thinking on this question for a little while, I came up with three answers:

1. I write to bring happiness.

- By this I mean to not only bring happiness to myself but also to others. I enjoy hearing and seeing the joy from others that my writing and stories bring. Knowing that I created a world that others are immersed in and lost within is a feeling like no other.

2. I write to feel relaxed.

- In a world full of chaos, writing is where I find my rest and relaxation. Many people exercise or play a sport. Some watch television or read. For me, it's writing. I never tire of it. In fact, I feel very at peace when I'm writing, and I feel very confident in saying that it's a gift of mine. I rarely (maybe once or twice a year) find it difficult to write or have writer's block. I turn on classical music and let the fingers pound away. It's my happy place. I write every day. It's not only my job, but it's my hobby and what I do in my spare time.

3. I write to feel creative.

- My mind is bursting with creative and interesting thoughts all the time. I often find myself taking notes on my phone or in a small notebook about things I see or hear in conversations (If you see me nearby, watch what you say! I'll be listening!). I not only write novels, but I journal about my life and about things I'm struggling with. I have found this very useful to my novel writing too!

After answering the question above and learning about why I write (see previous posts to learn more about my medical reasons), it became aware to me that I write because if I wasn't a writer, I would become the most unhappy person in the whole world. After all, books are the key to every bit of what is inside of the writer's soul. When an author writes a book, the reader get a little peek into the author's most inner thoughts and feelings in every aspect of the book. It is undeniable.

This made me think about my characters and the stories I write. Generally speaking, I write happy endings. I think I do that because writing makes me happy and I want my heroines to be happy. So my answer is: You've asked the wrong question. Don't ask the purpose of my stories. Ask me if there will always be a happy ending. The answer will always be a resounding YES. My characters, after a good deal of trouble, will have everything they've always dreamed of, because that's the way a good book should be.


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